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Personal Info

Date of birth
March 20, 1991
Roeselare, Belgium

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Work Experience


Nov. 2019 - current

Full-stack developer, Debreuck-Neirynck, Roeselare,

Full-stack development on various customer projects, covering a wide array of areas and technologies including clojure(script), docker, AMQ, kafka, datomic, kubernetes, ...

2016 - current

Teacher, Codefever, Roeselare,

Teaching programming and computational thinking to youths aged 6 and up.

2014 - current

Complementary self-employment, Roeselare.

Providing software-related services, including training, custom implementations, repairs,...

Feb. 2018 - Nov. 2019

Full-stack developer, Barco, Kortrijk,

Maintenance and extension of a software-solution for interactive (distance) learning. This solution consists of a highly-available Meteor cloud application that doesn't only communicate with the browsers of users, but also with an embedded Node.js application to control audio-visual equipment.

2013 - Feb. 2018

Webdeveloper, Skedify, Ghent,

Development of an in-site javascript plugin that allows people to schedule appointments online with complex organizations. I was co-responsible, among other things, for

  • software design and implementation
    • Front-end using html/css/javascript (vanilla, Angular 1.X, React)
    • Back-end using PHP7 (Laravel), Node.js
  • technical analysis of customer requirements
  • setup and maintenance of development pipelines (CI)
  • infrastructural design and implementation; including SSL offloading, load-balancing, fail-over,... using Ansible
2010 - 2013

Student worker, various, Kortrijk, Anderlecht, Roeselare, ....

Various assignments for different employers including KULAK, vzw De Vest, PRO Moorslede,... Job contents varied from administrative (web)applications to website design.


2016 - current

Web master, Tanatsfestival, Roeselare,

Develop and maintain the website of a yearly occurring festival dedicated to ethnic dances and folklore.

2009 - current

Head of Radio GodeLIVE, vzw Godelievefeesten, Roeselare,

One weekend a year I host a radio-like music event as part of the recurring 'Godelievefeesten'. Part of that comprises running a segment with requests by the audience, which they can submit using a web application developed and hosted by me.

2013 - 2016

Coach, CoderDojo, Roeselare,

Coaching kids aged 6 to 18 at discovering and experimenting with programming and related technical skills.


2013 - 2014
Master in Civil Engineering - Computer Sciences [incomplete], KULeuven, Leuven
2009 - 2013
(Academic) Bachelor's Degree in Informatics, KULeuven, Leuven
2002 - 2009
Secondary Education, Latin-Maths, Barnum, Roeselare


C2 Native proficiency - Mother tongue
C1 Full professional proficiency - Regular use in formal and informal settings
A2 Elementary proficiency - Part of secondary education

Technical skills

Javascript (ES6+, React, Angular.js 1.x), HTML5, CSS3, Ansible, PHP7 (Laravel 5)
Python, RegEx, SQL, MongoDB, Helm
Clojure, Java, C++, Ruby, Bash, Terraform, Prolog, Visual Basic.NET, Flex (Flash)
Ruby, C, Haskell, Prolog, UML, Batch, BASIC


2014 - current

Open Source Software development,

Creating and contributing to open source software projects

2013 - 2016

Red Cross Youth.

Organising bi-weekly activities for children aged 8 to 16, with attention for socio-economic background

2013 - 2014

Red Cross.

Providing first aid at sporting events, parties, festivals, ...