This is

Talking to recruiters and potential employers, I often get asked the same questions. Because I understand that these questions are important to create the right expectations for both parties, but also because I value my own time and don't like to repeat myself, I decided to write this letter to try and answer some of those questions up front. Hi, I'm Adriaan and I'd like to introduce myself!

Dear Mr/Ms.

I'm a full-stack software developer with most recent experience using javascript to build web applications. Besides building back-end services in Node.js and Meteor and client-side applications with a variety of frameworks like React, Angularjs or just plain javascript, I have extensive experience with PHP and am also interested in occasional infrastructural and/or CI/CD work. This manifests in a familiarity with automation tools such as kubernetes, helm, terraform and ansible among other things.

Most of my professional experiences so far have been in product development. I appreciate the sense of building up to a bigger goal over a longer period of time, however I don't exclude working on shorter-term projects either. Besides being a full-time employee, I also work on a variety of side projects which include maintaining websites or software for non-profits or as a freelancer and working on open source software. I'm based in Roeselare, Belgium and I prefer to work in close proximity to my home (up to a 40 minute commute is ok). I have a drivers license, but don't own a car myself so usually use my bike and/or public transportation to get around. Working remote (either fully or some days) is definitely an option for me, but I will not consider relocating.

From a work environment and group of coworkers, I offer and expect to cooperate based on three principles: mutual respect, trust and openness. This can manifest in a variety of ways: honesty (to be able to share your opinions or ideas without fear of being shot down), flexibility (as long as you don't undercommit and fulfill your commitments, you don't have to follow a strict schedule or procedure), team spirit (coworkers support each other, make decisions together, refrain from gossip, ...) How I experience my work environment is no doubt the primary contributing factor which determines how productive and valuable I can be. But rather than going in depth on this subject here, let me sum it up by stating that I subscribe to the core commitments. (If you haven't heard of them, I recommend this read!)

What do I have to offer?

I hope this has given you some insight into the type of professional I am. Of course, I am not perfect and neither is my writing. I'm sure I have forgotten some vital piece information about me that you are still hoping to find out. You can find some more detailed practical information in my resume, but I cordially invite you to reach out to me with any specific questions you might still have.

Kind regards,
Adriaan Callaerts